XML4Dailies is simple tool to make slate titling for rushes much easier and faster.
Using the current technology, dailies can be created created in a different way. Output to DVD/MPEG is one of the options. Final Cut Pro's XML features allow to make this output more feature rich. XML4Dailies will create a FX or subtitle track with text generators to display the the user selected info. Files can be saved either as XML or STL.
Both kind of outputs allow to create chapters. With STL there is an additional file which contains the chapter TCs.

What's new in
XML4Dailies 1.5:
The code is totally rewritten and much more memory stable. The new version will work both with XML v1 and v2 from FCP, this version is also compatible with Tiger. There are enhancements for speed and also a different handling of the text.

The output can be split into parts (i.e. "Logging Info","Comments" and "Film Data"). This allows to view the selected info just by switching languages. Additionally chapter markers at each clip start can be inserted. So DVDs for dailies can be produced with some clicks.

XML2Ttitle includes a "Basic Slate" plugin for FCP, which is used as a special generator for the extracted info.
If you use XML output, you can either setup the appearance of the text within FCP or do the settings in the app.
If you want to do the setup in FCP, just drag the "Basic Slate" generator onto a second track above the video track and do your settings. The app will take the "first found" generator as master template and in case it is "Basic Slate" and will use the formating of this generator for all following ones (you don't have to care about the text entry for the master).

The position of the slate can be set by the "V Center" and "H Center", the first "Indent" slider will move all text entries, the second one only will move the second text block. All other text setting are quite self explaining.
The background can be set in various ways. "None" will obviously only display the text.
"Bar" will just draw a line below the headline.

"Solid" allows some additional settings.
The standard is solid background filled with the first color.
The "Headline only" will just draw a background with the first color for the headline.
"Background Color for Sublines" will fill the background of the sublines with the color selected in color well 2 of the background settings.
Size, horizontal offset and opacity can be set for the background as well.

The "Prefences" allow to customize the final output, like the selection of what the slate should contain and how the titles of the sublines should be named. Duration and fade in/out of the generators can be set as well.

There are also options to setup the plugin in case there is no master template in the XML.

And there are options to setup the STL formating. Formatting an STL doesn't have the options as an FCP generator - but the app will try to do the setup close to the generator settings which are supplied by either the preferences or the incoming generator template.

Some issues and limitations.
The current build is a stable version tested in several production environments, but as with any software, there maybe issues I'm not aware of.

The current version is available "as is" for 45 EUR per license with a one year suscription for updates and free tech support. You will get the application as prepaid PayPal download version. After confirmed payment you will receive the software and serial number within around 24 hours.

Click here to download the free 1.5 beta demo version

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System Requirements:
  • Apple PowerMac G4 (faster = better)
  • 256 MB RAM (more=better)
  • MacOS X 10.3 or higher
  • QuickTime 6.4 or higher
  • FCP 4.1 or higher
For further information contact:

Andreas Kiel
Nelken Str. 25, D-76135 Karlsruhe
eMail: kiel@spherico.com,