poMachine for FCP

poM is a small app which allows to automate some tasks of the daily jobs at Crosscreek Entertainment.
Tapes are digitized and roughly cut into a timeline. Normally these clips have to arranged manually so that the time distance between the clips are constant. Also a numbered title slate and a numbered chapter slate have to be inserted and chapter markers for those as well. The title slates also have to contain the clips running time in minutes and seconds. Finally a text generator containing a table of contents has to be created. Then each item has to get a transition.
From there a new entry has to be made in FileMaker Pro to track versions and print labels. This needs also some info about video, audio format and total running time. Additionally a "csv" text export is needed for other data bases.

Below some screen shots which may help to understand how it works.

The above is simple timeline with a few elements.

poM shows up like shown below.

The interface displays the most important values you need to edit the sequence.

Importing a FCP project by using the FCP Apple events will display all available sequences of the project.

After selecting one sequence automatic main chapters are created based upon the names of the clips. The clip description is used for the titlle slates. Due to the nature of the work at Crosscreek these sometimes need "double slates" or not. A simple short cut does allow to toggle between the different title/ chapter slate types. There is also the option to combine chapter name and clip description into one slate.
Everything can be re-ordered, renamed or deleted like in a spreadsheat.

As with any application there are preferences for poM wich allow some kind of fine tuning for the output.
You can setup the timing, the font, font style and font size for the generators and the transition behaviour and timing. Transition behaviour means that the app will either add no transitions, keep those which are already there or create new ones for each item.
Programm start timecode and the way sequences are imported into FCP can be set up here.
For the table of contents we used the excellent CHV Credits text generator which allows to do the formating needed directly using XML.
For FileMaker Pro a different panel allows to set up the names of the fields automatic record import and CSV export.

While working with the app you can easily look at the clips in FCP. A simple GUI script and Apple Events do allow to view the clip in the original timeline.The app switches to a "floating" status so you always can see both FCP and the app.

The final export will move the modified sequence directly into the source project (or another one). The sequence can also be exported as stand alone XML. Also a new record in FMP is created and the text files which are needed for other applications.
the FMP datadase allows now to print all kind of labes, like that one on the left.

Within FCP the sequence shows up with the desired clip order and distances between the items. All markers are in place. The CHV generator can be fine tuned for the left and right margins now. The font size is automatically calculated by the poM application. Now play out and transfer to DVD can start, just a few clicks and minutes later.


  • 1.0 First release