rotateClips is a very simple application to rotate or flop clips, which where created while using the 35 mm adapter.

The usage is more than simple. Just export bins, a sequence, clips or even a complete project as XML and drag the XML(s) onto the programs icon, after a few seconds the conversion is done and you can import the newly created XML into FCP. All clips are either rotated or flopped.

rotateClips - Screenshots and some details:

In Final Cut Pro select either a bin - as in the example above - or multiple ones, or sequences or … finally everything you want the filter apply to. Then use "File -> Export -> XML" and save the file.

Open the application. The main window title shows the current selected action.
There some preferences available: "rotateClips -> Preferences"

The preferences allow you to set a text "add on" which will be appended to the saved file's name, a default destination path can be set as well. "Autosave" will make it more convenient, when converting more than 1 file. "Autosave" will save the modified file without asking the user for a name and location.
Also the filter type can be set here: "Double Flop" applies the Final Cut Pro "Flop" filter with the parameter set to "Both"
The actual version allows to append a custom set of filters (motion settings are ignored currently) - and it won't check for existent filters.
Here how it works: in FCP take a clip and add filters to it and do the settings you like, export that one to XML.
In the rotateClips open the prefs and press the "Custom Filter (Set)" and load the previous saved clip. Then work as normal.
So in case all clips are "virgin" ones, you can apply a "Flop" plus some other filters, if the "Flop" is already applied you should use a set without the "FLop"

After everything is set up, press the "Select XML" button in the main window, navigate to the previously saved XML file and select it. Alternatively you can drag the XML file onto the program's icon.
Wait a second or so. During this time the application will read the XML, look for all clips and add the selected filter type to it, in case the "effect" is already applied - means either a "Flop" with parameter "Both" or a "Rotation" with a rotation value of 180 - it will do nothing. To make it clearer: if a clip is already flopped with "Both" and you'll try to apply the "Flop/Both" to it, no change will be made, if the clip has a rotation value of 180 the "Flop/Both" won't be applied as well - BUT, if the there is a "Flop" with the parameter set to "Horizontal" or "Vertical" a "Flop" will be added, though the original one is still active. If there would be a rotation value of 100 degrees for example a "Flop/Both" will be added as well.
Same with "Rotation", already applied relevant filters and values will be checked before doing a modification.

When the conversion is done save the modified XML at a place of your choice when the application asks for it.

Go back to Final Cut Pro and choose "File -> Import -> XML" there is no shortcut for this, so alternatively you can drag the modified XML the Final Cut Pro icon or directly into the browser view of the project you want the modified clips to appear. Final Cut will ask you some questions though.

Make sure the "Reconnect to Media Files" and especially the "Include Audio/Video Effects" are selected - if the latter one is not checked all applied filter are removed during import, so you won't see any effect.

You can download the rotateClips demo archive here. The amount of clips which will be converted is limited to 15 per session. You can re-launch the demo, to get another 15 done.
To get a full version please contact me.

System Requirements:
  • Apple PowerMac G4 (the faster the better).
  • 512 MB RAM (more = better), enough space for virtual memory
  • MacOS X 10.3.9
  • FCP 4.1 or higher
For further information contact:

Andreas Kiel
Nelkenstr. 25, D-76135 Karlsruhe